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A major player in the quality control and traceability of printed documents

Thirty years ago, when AXODE started out in the family garage, our ambition was to make life easier for printers and businesses that edit sensitive documents.


Without knowing it, we started a revolution for the time, by developing the idea that the security of these documents could be automated, thanks to continuous optical inspection. This revolution is still underway, AXODE still remaining today an undisputed innovative leader in this field.


AXODE is the partner, on five continents, of the most prestigious printing and publishing companies which have optimized their productivity.


Flexibility, reliability, productivity, security….

AXODE thus participates in the objective of global quality which nourishes the sustainable development of companies.

Since 1991, we have been keen to develop innovative and efficient solutions allowing the control, traceability and security of complex printed documents which require increased vigilance: invoices, bank statements, passports, driving licenses or even tax stamps ... proven solutions that have enabled AXODE to forge privileged relationships both with transactional printing companies and security printers, and with manufacturers of printing, mailing and converting systems.

“In general, customers who call on us want to optimize their productivity, which is very quickly the case, since they immediately limit their material losses, and produce in a much more qualitative way.”

Managing Director
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The technology used by AXODE since its inception is based on real-time camera monitoring of printed documents. A technique that AXODE has continuously developed, with a strong desire: to specialize exclusively in this process to become an essential expert. A strategy that pays off: today AXODE is present on five continents, from Korea to the USA, from China to the Middle East ...


AXODE has two sites in France, the United States and Singapore. The company has also developed an international network of partners and distributors present in all global markets. This establishment allows AXODE, which benefits from a particularly proactive R&D department, to support its customers by systematically offering them tailor-made solutions, whatever their production methods and tools.



AXODE has implemented solutions that are resolutely oriented towards its customers, from its field expertise on production machines to the overall supervision of production sites. In particular, the company has developed production planning, traceability and security tools that position it as a world leader in a rapidly changing market.


•   Banks
•   Government institutions
•   National printing houses
•   Security document printers

•   Card makers
•   Government lotteries
•   Desktop printers
•   Labels, labels and packaging printers
•   Distance selling, direct marketing
•   Telecom companies, energy, health ...

•   Pharmaceutical industry

•   Publishers of on-demand books, photo books and press

•   Machine manufacturers

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