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Many means of protection are used today to fight against counterfeits and parallel circuits , but the performance of these means is only effective if they are correctly implemented. Consequently, the pharma document production processes must necessarily integrate control and traceability tools.

Pharmaceuticals have two quality control axes specific to their process: on the one hand, pharmaceutical leaflets contain highly sensitive information which requires a very high level of verification, on the other hand each box of medication produced must be recorded and then traced 

Identification, quality, traceability

and production supervision

Axode's global security solution extends from mastery of the field and industrial constraints of pharma printers, to the supervision of their sites and the traceability of their products.


Any printing error can have serious consequences in human and legal terms, Axode inspects each pharmaceutical leaflet to the nearest comma against the original pdf. Likewise, with the on-line sale of drugs booming, Axode offers a global solution for the serialization of boxes of drugs produced, from the production plant to the end consumer.

This solution consists concretely in real-time camera inspection of all stages of the manufacturing process, in particular:

Print quality (versus  pdf)  :  readability, missing jets, contrast, head alignment

Images: conformity and quality of printed images, colorimetry, color alignment

Variable data: matching between data, between images, sequence, completeness

Invisible inks: presence, conformity, intensity, colorimetry, position ...

Holograms: presence, position, quality of deposit, image centering ...  


video-09 - Copie_edited.jpg
00072 (frame 104)_edited.jpg

Codes  : grading


Numbering:  readability check, sequence, database concordance

Perforation  : quality, alignment

Embossing and braille:  quality, position, readability

Traceability: integrity and completeness of production, production reports


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Real-time identification


Production supervision


Productivity gain

The Axode solution enables conformity control and full production traceability by certifying the quality of all documents produced in real time and by identifying them in databases: real protection against manufacturing errors , counterfeit parallel circuits and an optimized productivity in a highly sensitive environment.

Know-how serving quality, security and performance



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