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All these documents contain variable data that requires production control and traceability ,  because it is unthinkable for data to be mixed up between several clients, or for a document to be incomplete, lost or sent in duplicate.

Transactional documents must be checked and traced throughout the production chain, whether for printing (sheet, reel, color, format ...), for shaping (cutting, folding, gluing, grouping ...), enveloping (multi-channel, annexes, addressing, etc.) and shipping (packaging, postal standards, carriers, etc.). This supervision should ultimately make it possible to improve the reliability and performance of the production tool and to eliminate any legal risk vis-à-vis the customer.

Transactional printing concerns all personalized administrative documents such as invoices, bank statements,  health insurance, tax notices, payslips , etc. 

Identification, quality, traceability

and production supervision

Axode's global security solution extends from mastery of the field and industrial constraints of transactional print service providers, to the supervision of their sites and the traceability of their production .

This solution is the only one capable of operating within a heterogeneous machine park and including manual operations , and concretely translates into real-time camera inspection of all stages of manufacturing, in particular:

Pre-printed paper:  identification, positioning of the printing in the pre-printed

Print quality: readability, missing jets, contrast, head alignment

Variable data: concordance between data, between images, sequence, completeness

Images: conformity and quality of printed images, colorimetry, color alignment

Perforation: quality, alignment


Envelopes:  content control, completeness against the production file

Traceability  : integrity and completeness of  production, production reports

Production planning

Global supervision: multi-machine, multi-site management, duplicate detection, real-time statistics, automation of reprints


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Real-time identification


Production supervision


Productivity gain

The Axode solution enables compliance control and full production traceability by certifying the quality of all documents produced in real time and identifying them in centralized databases: real protection against production errors and optimized productivity thanks to the automation and supervision of the overall process.

Know-how serving quality, security and performance


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