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Axode PrintControl is a stand-alone module bringing together all the print control functionalities demanded by the market, a large processing capacity and a great ease of use.

Installed at the output of the continuous paper printing line, Axode PrintControl checks all printed documents in real time, records all non-conformities and stops the printing process if necessary.  


Axode PrintControl allows, without any machine integration, to bring all the reliability and historical know-how of Axode in a turnkey module .

It is compatible with the whole range of Axode systems, which allows the implementation of simple sequence control applications as well as more complex quality control and full page variable data applications .  


Its large-format touchscreen video interface and menus dedicated to print control and viewing of color documents allow operators to use it easily and intuitively. Likewise, the operator can very easily change the control configurations and formats in a very short time. 

Axode PrintControl is compatible with all printing processes in continuous paper , laser or ink jet and input printing, white or pre-printed paper , monochrome or color printing.

PrintControl Debout_edited.png
PrintControl Debout_edited.png



- Axode 180neo2 or 1080neo2 systems , 4-core processors

- Embedded real-time Linux operating system, inaccessible to the operator

- Operator interface: 22 "touch screens

- High resolution color or monochrome linear cameras, in parallel and asynchronous management

- Servo-controlled linear strobe LED lighting

- Optional AVM neo database manager



- OCR: morphological recognition, standard fonts

- Bar codes: OMR, 2 / 5i, 39, Codabar, 128, UPC, EAN, ...

- 2D codes: Datamatrix, QR-Code, PDF417, code 49, code 16K, ...

- 1D & 2D ANSI grading barcodes

- Postal bar codes: UK, 4state, Postnet, Planet, USPS OneCode,…

- Control of high-precision color images

- Verification of document content, comparison with a PDF file

- Measuring tools: presence, absence, distances, borders, shapes, artefacts, surfaces, alignments, angle correction, ...

- Addressing: inkjet quality, database matching, etc.

- Security marks: Scratch-off labels, holograms, ...

- Security inks: Invisible, UV, IR, OVI, ...

- Print quality control tools: permanent jets, missing jets, patterns, 

- Color processing: registration, colorimetry, real-time closed loop, ...

- Image archiving: conditional real-time backup, compression, export, etc.

- Variable data management: matching, sequence, sorting, counting, ...

- Database management: concordance, tracking, collection, ...

- Basic programming language for personalized processing

- Visualization interface configurable by the operator

- Real-time adjustment of parameters in production



- Compatible with tight and untight paper

- Speed up to 150 m / min

- Maximum web width 520 mm (20 "), other widths on request

- Minimum weight of untight paper: 80 g / m2

- Minimum weight of tight paper: 60 g / m2

- Untight paper output height: 970 mm

- Height of tight paper input and output: adjustable from 150 to 1200 mm



- 2 USB2 ports and 2 USB3 ports in each camera system or AVM neo

- 1 Gigabit Ethernet connection (ftp, telnet, memio) for data exchange, databases transfer, external system management, software upgrades, parameters backup, screen copy, etc.

- Integrated web server for web browser remote access management

PrintControl Debout_edited.png


- W x H x D : 1000 x 1600 x 1180 mm

- Net weight : 250 kg


- Electrical: AC 230V – 1.6 kW - 50/60Hz with internal motorization

- No power consumption in case of paper pulled by a rewinder


- Max running T °: 40 °C (100 °F)

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