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Autonomous machine dedicated to the inspection and control of offline cards , the Axode CardTracker benefits from the very latest real-time technologies , combined with the company's R&D design experience of more than 30 years.

This unique solution on the market allows multi-format control (ISO 7810 ID1 up to datapages) of cards both in terms of quality (color printing, lamination, security marks, etc.) and personalization (variable data, images, etc.) .

Thanks to its mechanical design, this machine allows the front and back inspection of cards in a single pass, without turning over.

The Axode CardTracker includes a transport based on toothed suction belts as well as electronic management to ensure that the movement of the card is extremely stable. This feature ensures high-precision image quality for reading data and inspecting very small details on card design.

Its specific mechanical design does not damage the surface of the cards: there is no friction at any time when the cards are transported through the machine.

The configuration of the Axode CardTracker is adjustable according to the final specifications of the customer. This concerns the number of entry and exit magazines, RFID, laser engraving, UV control, infrared, holograms ...


The Axode CardTracker is very compact, limiting the operator's movements. Its design was designed to allow fatigue-free use, avoiding all operator gestures when handling cards at height. As a rule, the Axode CardTracker is equipped with the Axode 180neo2 .

CardTracker Face.png
CardTracker Face.png



- Axode 180neo2 systems, 4-core processors

- Embedded real-time Linux operating system, inaccessible to the operator

- Operator interface: 22 "touch screens

- High resolution color or monochrome matrix or linear cameras, in parallel and asynchronous management

- LED matrix or linear strobe controlled lighting

- Optional AVM neo database manager



- OCR: morphological recognition, standard fonts

- Bar codes: OMR, 2 / 5i, 39, Codabar, 128, UPC, EAN, ...

- 2D codes: Datamatrix, QR-Code, PDF417, code 49, code 16K, ...

- 1D & 2D ANSI grading barcodes

- Checking the content of the cards

- Measuring tools: presence, absence, distances, borders, shapes, artefacts, surfaces, alignments, angle correction, ...

- Security marks: Scratch-off labels, holograms, ...

- Security inks: Invisible, UV, IR, OVI, ...

- High precision print quality control tools (text and images)

- Color processing: registration, colorimetry

- Image archiving: conditional real-time backup, compression, export, etc.

- Variable data management: matching, sequence, sorting, counting, ...

- Database management: concordance, tracking, collection, ...

- Basic programming language for personalized processing

- Visualization interface configurable by the operator

- Real-time adjustment of parameters in production

- Contact smartchips: presence, position

- RFID: ISO 14443 A / B, ISO 15693, ISO 18000-3 (13.56 MHz), functional test, match with personalization



- Speed: from 9000 to 12000 cards / h depending on the materials and surface conditions

- Mini card format: ISO 7810 ID1 (85.6 * 54 mm)

- Maximum card format: datapage (284 * 110 mm)

- Materials: PVC and Polycarbonate, thickness 0.4 to 0.80 mm

- Unstacking cards by suction

- Transport by frictionless suction belt

- 2 feed tracks of 1000 cards (1 track in datapage format)

- 4 sorting tracks of 500 cards (2 tracks in datapage format)

- Ejection drawer for faulty cards at the end of the track



- 2 USB2 ports and 2 USB3 ports per vision system

- 1 Gigabit Ethernet connection (ftp, telnet, memio) for data exchange, database transfer, external system management, software updates, saving parameters, screenshots, etc. .

- Integrated web server for remote access management by web browser

CardTracker Face.png


- W x H x D: 4000 x 1500 x 700 mm

- Total width with overhangs of the feed and sorting tracks: 1200 mm

- Working height: 900 mm

- Net weight: 250 kg


- Electric: AC 230V - 2 kW - 50 / 60Hz

- Dry air: 6 bars

- Consumption min 10 m3 / h, max 20 m3 / h


- Max operating temperature: 40 ° C (100 ° F)

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