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The personalization of documents by adding variable texts or images includes information that requires verification in order to achieve their objective (one to one direct marketing, addressing, transpromotional documents, value coupons, etc.) .

Today, this concerns, for example, supermarkets associating part of local promotions with national advertisements, the press with targeted additions of articles according to the tastes of each reader, etc.

Given the printing speeds of offset presses, Axode has set up with partners an innovative customization and variable data control solution allowing offset printers to access personalized printing at a lower cost, without investing in a press. digital. In particular, the maintenance of color alignment, colorimetry and print quality are managed automatically in real time and in a closed loop with the printer.

Hybrid printing  is characterized by the combination of two technologies, offset printing and digital printing. This involves integrating inkjet print heads into an offset press in order to add personalization to the flow of still images and data.

Identification, quality, traceability

and production supervision

Axode's global security solution extends from mastery of the field and the industrial constraints of printers, to the supervision of their sites and the traceability of their products. This solution is the only one capable of operating within offset printing and converting lines, and translates concretely into real-time camera inspection of all stages of production, in particular:

Pre-printed paper:  identification, positioning of the printing in the pre-printed

Print quality: readability, missing jets, contrast, head alignment

Variable data: matching between data, between images, sequence, completeness

Images: conformity and quality of printed images, colorimetry, color alignment

Real-time color registration: closed-loop control with the inkjet controller  


montage ecran_edited.jpg

Codes  : grading


Numbering:  readability check, sequence, database concordance

Selective varnish  : presence, position, quality

Perforation:  quality, alignment

Traceability: integrity and completeness of production, production reports


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Real-time identification


Production supervision


Productivity gain

The Axode solution enables compliance control and full production traceability by certifying the quality of all documents produced in real time and identifying them in databases: real protection against printing errors, paper waste and optimized productivity in a high-volume environment.

Know-how serving quality, security and performance


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