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High-end image processing , the Axode 1080neo2 is characterized by its unique multi-processor assembly architecture communicating with each other via a very high-performance proprietary data bus. It thus benefits from the very latest real-time technologies, combined with the company's R&D design experience of more than 30 years.  


The Axode 1080neo2 is designed to be fully adapted to the needs of the fastest and most innovative customer applications.

In particular, it allows the parallel assembly of 32 cores dedicated, for example, to the quality control of very high resolution/large format images or to the printing control of variable data on ultra fast lottery-type processes.  


This compendium of innovations displays exceptional performance : management of simultaneous controls on very high speed lines (typically up to 600m / min and up to 8 million documents / hour ).  


Like the whole range, it is independent by technological choice of Microsoft operating systems and their possible hazards (instabilities, security vulnerabilities, obsolescence, CPU overload ...), while guaranteeing user-friendliness of the interface and use. This allows for example the processing of a full color image (3 colors processed simultaneously) as quickly as a monochrome image. All systems manufactured by Axode use this same secure operating system, which does not allow operators to install unwanted software and spread viruses.




- Multi-processor parallel calculator, up to 32-core for image processing

- Embedded real-time Linux operating system, inaccessible to the operator

- Industrial design guaranteeing a minimum lifespan of 10 years

- No Mechanical Hard Disk: Industrial Flash Disk

- Specific hardware for real-time image processing

- Operator interface: 22 "display port touch screen

- Up to 14 matrix or line cameras (camera Link - base, medium or full modes)

- High resolution color or monochrome cameras, in parallel and asynchronous management

- Matrix or linear strobe-controlled LED lighting



- OCR : morphological recognition, standard fonts, MICR

- Barcodes : OMR, 2/5i, 39, Codabar, 128, UPC, EAN, …

- 2D Barcodes : Datamatrix, QR-Code, PDF417, code 49, code 16K,  …

- 1D & 2D ANSI barcodes grading

- Postal barcodes : UK, 4state, Postnet, Planet, USPS OneCode, …

- High precision color image control

- Document content verification, image matching versus PDF file 

- Measurements tools : presence, absence, distances, edges, shapes, artefacts, surfaces, alignments, skew correction, …

- Addressing : ink-jet quality, database matching, …

- Security marks : scratch-off label, holograms, …

- Security inks : invisible, UV, IR, OVI, …

- Print quality control tools : streaks, voids, patterns, 

- Color processing : registration, colorimetry, real-time close loop, …

- Image archiving : conditional real-time backup, compression, export, …

- Data management : matching, sequence, sorting, counting, …

- Database management : matching, tracking, collecting, …

- Basic programming language for self-made customization

- Configurable outputs and communication protocols

- User-defined visualization interface 



- multi-function optocoupled inputs : 7 free of potential or 14 grounded, 10-30 VDC

- Multimodes camera triggers

- 7 mosfet relay outputs, free of potential, 10-30 VDC/0.5 A

- 2 or 4 programmable shaft encoders

- 3 RS232/RS422 serial links, 9,600-115,200 bauds

- 2 USB2 ports and 2 USB3 ports

- 2 Gigabit Ethernet connections (ftp, telnet, memio) for data exchange, databases transfer, external system management, software upgrades, parameters backup, screen copy, etc.

- Integrated web server for web browser remote access management




Since its creation, Axode has been developing its systems with the objective of providing its customers with solutions with a minimum lifespan of 10 years. The spare parts management policy allows Axode to carry out maintenance and repair of its systems over a period of 10 to 15 years, considerably reducing the electronic waste generated.


Through its quality control activity for document production processes, Axode helps to save raw materials and energy. Indeed, the real-time detection of quality or compliance errors (especially in a continuous paper printing process) makes it possible to avoid seeing at the end of the printing run that the entire roll must be destroyed. It’s a gain in paper consumption, inks, fluids.



- W x H x D: 485 x 310 x 520 mm

- Net weight: 16 kg (26 lbs)


- 110/230 V - 60/50 Hz – 10/5 A


- Max running T °: 40 °C (100 °F)

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