Transactionnal documents

Global solutions for securing transactional documents production

Why ?
It has now become necessary to secure printing & mailing processes of documents, in order to certify your production, whilst improving productivity, and in particular:
To guarantee that all mail pieces have been carried out satisfactorily (controlled content) and sent.
To optimise the postage costs, while complying with current postal standards (separation, labeling and secure tracking slips).
• Optimiser les coûts d’envois postaux, en respectant les normes postales en vigueur (séparation, étiquetage et bordereaux sécurisés).

How ?

Axode integrity solution extends to total command of on the ground operations, industrial constraints as well as the supervision of an automated document factory thanks to real time processing of production data.

This unique solution operates even with a mixed machine plant, and in practical terms is translated by:
• Centralised multi-site management, at the very heart of the solution, enables the distribution of jobs to be produced on the machine plants.
• On the printers, quality control cameras ensure the documents’ readability and integrity (sequence of sheets, front/back match, etc.).
• On the envelope inserting machines, cameras are installed at the input to verify the content of each envelope and check it off in the database.
• In the auxiliary feeders, readers check that the operator has loaded the correct documents.
• At the machine output, in the Axode Output Scanning module, a camera identifies each mail piece and checks it in the database.
• All doubles, unreadable documents and empty envelopes are rejected.
• At the end of each job, the mail pieces that have not been produced are automatically extracted from the database to be reprinted.

• Insurance and telecom companies
• Banks, government agencies
• Mail houses
• Print service providers…

• Error free documents
• 100% real time integrity control
• Production supervision and reporting
• Improved productivity