Security printing documents

Global solutions for securing security documents production
Why ?
Security documents contain information which necessitate a very high level of protection, either because they contain proof of someone’s identity or because they have monetary value.
Many protection methods are employed to prevent counterfeiting, but these methods are only successful if they are carried out properly.
Therefore, it is essential for control tools to be integrated into the security document production process.

How ?

Axode global security solution extends to total control of operations on the ground and command of the industrial constraints of security printers, as well as to the supervision of a site by means of real time processing of production data. This solution is the only one capable of operating with a mixed machine plant, thanks to control cameras installed at all stages of documents’ production to verify in particular:
• the presence and the validity of a number printed in visible or invisible ink,
• the presence and positioning of a hologram,
• the masking of confidential data,
• the matching between data, images,
• the encoding and encryption of confidential information.

The Axode solution ensures complete traceability of the production process and identifies all produced documents, whilst guaranteeing the consistency of all printed information, and recording it in real time in a database.

• Security printers
• Banks
• Government agencies…

• Error free documents
• 100% real time integrity control
• Production supervision and reporting
• Improved productivity