The benefits of SAFE are numerous, including heightened supervision of work performance, production-quality improvement, variable data printing accuracy, and reduction of waste of raw materials. The end result is an improved corporate image in a world where personalized, marked or numbered documents are an increasingly essential part of client relations.

Axode’s SAFE solution integrates three key aspects of monitoring printed documents:

• global, multisite supervision software
• traceability of each production line
• quality control of each document

Axode has developed its own security control systems for identifying documents, as well as software for the operating system and for data saving. SAFE can be implemented in multiple-vendor production environments.

This unique and customizable solution allows, for example, real-time verification of the entire production process of a document throughout its lifecycle, guaranteeing that all elements have been correctly processed, printed, inserted and dispatched, and ensuring each document is complete and error-free.

Furthermore, at a higher level, SAFE allows production managers to supervise all sites, local and distant, around the clock, via a secure internet interface. Managers can plan their production and see, for instance, which machines are running jobs, their performance, the operators, and the status of each site, in order to make decisions and adjust planning using SAFE’s comprehensive scheduling and forecasting tools.

Finally, SAFE provides production reports and statistics to allow follow up and analysis of past operations, which can be used to make decisions that will improve production workflow and overall productivity. With SAFE, Axode’s clients can aspire to error-free production of all their secure documents.

SAFE offers decisive competitive advantages

A Comprehensive solution

SAFE is a unique comprehensive solution that allows real-time supervision of the entire printing process, guaranteeing the integrity of every document by ensuring it has been correctly created, printed, inserted and dispatched. The real-time technology used by SAFE allows all events to be recorded and decisions to be taken immediately: for example, to stop the printing process in case of a major fault, or the sorting and/ or rejection of an identified faulty document.

Real-time control – no matter where you are

Another major advantage of SAFE is that it allows the production manager to supervise and monitor the printing process from anywhere in the world in real time. Via a simple secure Internet connection, clients can access a continuously updated production report from their work station. In this way, AxodeÕs integrated solutions allow the client to ensure error-free security in the printing and mailing of their documents.

Increased profitability

SAFE solutions represent incontestable value and return on investment. AxodeÕs solutions bring an almost immediate rise in profitability thanks to:

• increased productivity
• greater reliability in the production process
• substantial time savings
• reduction of loss of raw materials

Universal application

SAFE solutions have been devised so they can be integrated with any existing printing systems on the market: whatever the brand of the printing, inserting or finishing system, whether the machine plant is mixed or uses the same type of equipment, Axode global solutions can be implemented with equal ease in a short period of time.