Based on a truly real-time and multi-tasking architecture, Axode’s...
From threads and scratches on lamination to detailed hologram and...
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When Printed Communications, Security Documents, Cards or Packaging Must Absolutely, Positively Exceed Standards

Axode helps companies reduce risk and protect their brand by ensuring the quality, integrity and accuracy of everything produced. From inspection, verification and production reporting to enterprise wide piece and job level tracking, Axode solutions are for those demanding the highest quality standards.


• Print Quality Inspection
• Color Accuracy
• Registration
• Streak/Void Detection
• Variable Data & Content
• OCR/Bar-Code/2-D
• Closed Loop Control


• Currency
• Lottery tickets
• Labels
• Passports
• Licenses


• Complete Quality Inspection
• Pin & Activation Verification
• Variable Data Verification
• Scratch-Off & Hologram
• Automated Sorting,
Bundling & Reporting
• Tolerance Measurement
• Lamination Control


Inspection of variable content added to offset and traditional printing at production speed

• Print Quality Inspection
• Color Accuracy
• Registration
• Variable Data Integrity


Track, measure and verify production and distribution
to ensure product and process integrity

• Trace products through manufacturing to final delivery point
• Genuine products protection - identify counterfeit products in the field
• Automate Production across the Enterprise
• Real-Time Supervision & Feedback
• Production Steps and Event Monitoring
• Comprehensive Workflow Automation, Reconciliation and Reporting
• Scalable & Upgradable Architecture

Regardless of the types and brands of production equipment, Axode solutions help our clients optimize production quality integrity, eliminate late deliveries and ensure brand protection. Our 26 years of experience has produced over 4000 installations worldwide.
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