Company overview

A world leader in variable data print security

When AXODE was created 20 years ago, our aim was to make life easier for printers and companies publishing sensitive documents. We began a revolution based on the idea that the supervision of these documents could be automated using continuous scanning. This revolution is still underway, and today AXODE is the uncontested leader in the field.

AXODE’s partners span over the five continents and include the most prestigious printing and publishing companies, which have been able to optimize their productivity thanks to AXODE solutions. Flexibility, reliability, productivity, securityÉ AXODE helps businesses achieve overall quality goals fundamental to their lasting development.

Typically, the clients who seek our services want to optimize their productivity, which they quickly accomplish with an immediate reduction in loss of material resources and a gain in production quality.

Since its creation in 1991, Axode has become a world leader in developing innovative, efficient and dependable solutions for controlling and tracking complex documents that require infallible security: including bills, bank statements, cheque books, vehicle registration documents, tax declarations and many more. Axode’s tried and tested solutions are preferred by printers of personalized information as well as by manufacturers of printing, mailing and finishing systems.


“Axode continues to build its reputation in the marketplace by offering quality solutions that improve productivity, and deliver immediate cost savings by reducing material loss. Speed and accuracy is the foundation we bring to our clients.”

President and Managing Director

Cutting-edge technology

From its inception, AXODE has specialized in cutting-edge real-time technology to monitor the document-printing process using cameras. Over the years, the company’s overriding goal has been to continue to perfect and develop this exclusive technology in order to become the world’s leading expert. The strategy has been successful: today AXODE is present on all five continents, and its solutions are relied on by companies located in countries from South Korea to the United States, from China to the Middle East…

International presence

AXODE has offices at two sites in France, as well as in the United States and Singapore. In addition, the company has an international network of distributors who operate in all global markets. This international presence, along with a proactive and responsive R&D department, enables AXODE to better serve clients with made-to-measure solutions that fit their particular needs and printing system platforms or inserting and finishing lines.

Looking to the futur

Axode has consistently kept an eye to the future, implementing solutions that will allow it to grow in parallel with a rapidly expanding market and, above all, its clients. Its innovative Global Supervision Solutions for quality control of printed documents will ensure its position as a world leader in a fast-evolving industry.

Spanning multiple market segments – including:

• Banks
• Government institutions, Tax offices
• Banknote printers
• Lottery organisations
• Document management services, the press
• Mail order selling, direct marketing
• Telecom, energy and health companies