Global solutions for securing cards production

Why ?
Today it is necessary to secure processes of plastic card manufacturing and personalization, in order to avoid the following recurrent errors:
• faulty/wrong personalization,
• bad printing quality,
• concordance errors between one card and its carrier document,
• unsafe data due to defective scratch off label.

How ?
• One or several cameras are installed on the card manufacturing lines.
• The Axode system identifies personalized data and controls both the readability and the concordance of the information with a database.
• A file containing the identity of the cards which have been controlled and their status is available at the end of the production process.
• Finally, a photo/scan of each card controlled by the Axode system is stored on the hard disc and indexed for later use.

• Machine manufacturers
• Cards’ customisation providers
• Print service providers…

• Error free documents
• 100% real time integrity control
• Improved productivity