Axode Mail Control

The most effective way to increase productivity by ensuring that envelopes are complete and error-free
Axode Mail Control is a standalone module that combines the full range of envelope-management and quality-control applications require by the market along with substantial processing capacity and total ease of use. Installed at the output of inserting machines, Axode Mail Control checks each envelope in real-time and records any nonconformance, stopping the inserting process if necessary.
Aoxde’s track-and-trace solutions are those most extensively integrated by inserters manufacturers.
Axode Mail Control brings rapid improvement in reliability without structural changes to existing inserting lines, offering Axode’s expertise in one ready-made solution.

Intuitive to use: easy to implement and user-friendly, with a touch-screen video interface that includes menus for the identification and control of documents and for using production databases.

A wide range of quality-control applications: tracks envelopes during the production process, uses Read & Print technology, manages postal standards. Axode Mail Control recognizes all key standard codes (OCR, BCR, 2D barcodes, etc).

Highly compatible and ergonomic: compatible with all inserting machines: laser and ink-jet printing, envelope output with address reading above or underneath, window envelopes or Read & Print. Non-disruptive installation at the machine’s output.

Rapid: handles paper speeds of up to 180m/min. The processing and decision making speed makes the module adaptable to the fastest machines and the majority of envelope sizes.

Flexible: databases allow the use of different widely used production file formats (Kern Mail Factory, Böwe One, Pitney Bowes Direct Connect).

Efficient: stores images either of all envelopes or rejected envelopes only and saves job configurations.

Easy to configure: user-friendly touch screen interface and tools for automated modification of parameters make it easy to change configurations as required.

• Full production tracking

• Qualtiy cerfification

• Improved productivity

• Fast

Technical specifications

Quality-control applications

– Readability of codes: OMR, OCR, BCR or 2D
– Readability of postal codes
– Presence and structure of addresses
– Read & Print technology
– Reads through envelope windows (compatible with certified eco-friendly envelopes)
– Checks that envelopes have been franked or stamped
– Checks correct pre-printed envelope has been used
– Captures and saves images of envelopes
– Postal code separation
– Manages postal standards and security slips