Axode CARDTRACKER certifies your production, controlling the quality and the integrity of your cards: an unequalled return on investment


Axode CARDTRACKER is a standalone machine that incorporates all the quality controls required in the card market. Its processing capacity and ease of use make it the ideal offline tool for production and card personalization sites. Axode CARDTRACKER checks, sorts and records all the output in a database. Unique on the market, this system meets even the most demanding requirements.

Comprehensive control functions:
quality control of images, color registration, die-cutting, variable data, security marks, magnetic stripe, chip, RFID, signature area, matching, etc.

Total traceability: traceability of cards via database, back-up of images, error statistics in order to reprint defective cards. Axode CardTracker’s cameras can process all identification codes currently used on cards (OCR, BCR, 2D barcodes, identifier marks, etc.).

Ease of use: simple to set up and extremely user-friendly thanks to a touchscreen video interface and dedicated menus for identification, card control, production workflow and database. The configuration and control formats can be easily changed.

Multi-technology: Axode CardTracker incorporates all the international codification standards: ISO 7811 (magnetic stripe), ISO 7816 (smart cards), ISO 14443 A/B, ISO 15693, ISO 18000-3 (RFID cards 13.56 MHz). Any other customer-specific standard can be included on request.

Frictionless handling: the cards are handled exclusively with suction and are not subject to any friction, avoiding any risk of micro-scratches. The cards are conveyed flat, guaranteeing total visibility so both sides of the card can be checked, allowing the operator total supervision of production.

• All in one multi-control technology

• Quality certification

• Full production tracking

Caractéristiques techniques


– Readability of codes: OCR, BCR and 2D
– Embossing
– Hot stamping
– Use of appropriate background image
– Orientation of the card
– Print quality of images
– Color registration
– Colorimetry
– Lamination
– Die-cutting
– Variable data & images
– Logos
– Quality and position of security marks
– Integrity and position of signature area
– Holograms (positioning, stamping,
die-cutting and image registration)
– Scratch-off labels (positioning,
affixing and die-cutting)
– Metal inlays
– Back-up of card images
– Sequence
– integrity in relation to a database
– Traceability and production statistics
– Inkjet personalization, Read & Print